Since kindergarten, playing piano has been my method of relieving stress, expressing myself, and connecting with others. As a little girl, I found joy in playing 5-note melodies for family and friends, but as I grew up, I discovered that playing piano could extend far beyond my living room. Although I had terrible stage fright and struggled to memorize music, I challenged myself and honed my skills. I performed in public and private recitals, competed as a soloist and accompanied vocalists and instrumentalists in competitions, volunteered at nursing homes, and even booked myself as entertainment for a country club event.

Suddenly, it seemed, what once was just a hobby had turned into a business. As a college student, I began teaching piano lessons on the side to help pay for my education classes and spread my love of music. What I expected to be a small “side gig” turned into 14 years of piano education with over 45 different families! 

For six of those 14 years, I taught a range of high school English classes at Reynoldsburg High School. We had so much fun recreating Romeo and Juliet’s ball, holding classroom court sessions, and writing our own movie scripts. Teaching is and has always been my life-long passion, so I never imagined I would leave my beloved classroom. However, like I have always been told, having a baby changes things. After our first son was born July 1, 2019, I made the very difficult decision to leave my full-time English position to stay home with my son and pursue my first love, piano, full time. I will be forever grateful I made this choice.

To this day, my piano teacher, Miss Deb, is like family; in fact, she sat right next to my parents at my wedding. It has always been my dream to continue the legacy she built. That is why I have named my piano studio in her honor. Each Christmas card, recital invitation, and welcome back letter Miss Deb sent was marked with her signature salutation: “Musically yours, Miss Deb”.  Just as she did with me, I work hard to challenge my students to reach their goals, strengthen their skills, and deepen their musical knowledge, all while having a blast growing as a pianist. Our work together may be difficult sometimes, but I promise to help my students through each key change and tricky rhythm. 

If you decide to join my studio, you will be welcomed in as a member of my extended piano family. Every aspect of my teaching is carefully tailored to each student’s needs and personality.