Lesson Content

Lessons are personalized to fit the ability and needs of each student, so every lesson will look a little different!

You can expect that we will work on 2-5 pieces each week. In addition to practicing together, will also experiment with transposition and composing, learn theory, practice technique, and even listen and analyze other’s piano performances.

At times, we may use technology to enhance learning. This may include note-reading exercises, audio/video recording of performances, composition programs, etc.

As often as we can, we may even play some games to get creative with learning new skills.

As always, the goal is to learn while having a great time.


If you decide to start lessons with me, what you will be paying is tuition. It is not calculated as an hourly fee for services rendered because teaching is so much more than the time I spend with each student!

Tuition Covers

  • Time spent with students in each lesson
  • Preparation time
  • Teacher training/experience
  • Recital costs and preparations
  • Supply expenses
  • Supplemental music resources/programs

Tuition Does NOT Cover

  • Students’ method book sets
  • Optional performance/theory workshops


  • 30-minute lessons = $110/month 
  • 45-minute lessons = $160/month 
  • 60-minute lessons = $210/month